Key facts and figures at a glance

  • Strong connection with the business community

  • Contractual Reseach Structure, AMVALOR (organization), awarded with Institut Carnot certification

  • 14 research laboratories spread across 8 campuses in France

  • 75 University professors, 160 lecturers, 80 full-time-equivalent non-teaching staff

  • 3 CNRS research directors and 7 CNRS research managers

  • 373 Arts et Métiers and Mines ParisTech doctoral students

  • Many fields of expertise: Material Engineering, Product Design, Process Engineering, Fluid Systems, Biomechanics, Risk Management and Decision Making, Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Metrology

Arts et Métiers ParisTech has a wealth of knowledge-sharing networks, spanning across all of its research centers in France:

  • Processes Network :

    • Technology Network

    • Resources Network

  • Sustainability, Environment and Energy Efficiency Network

  • Health-Related Technologies Network

  • Design and Innovation Network

    • Innovation Theory, Virtual Reality

  • Sustainable Design Network

  • Industrial Engineering Network

  • Transportation Network

A strong connection with the business community

The research carried out at Arts et Métiers ParisTech is based on strong ties with the business community. These ties, forged through the engineering students' final projects, have contributed greatly to the institution's reputation.

Industrial businesses always look for greater innovation to keep them ahead of their competitors. The strategy of Arts et Métiers ParisTech's laboratories is to meet this demand by seeking the best possible match with the needs of its economic partners.

This partnership-based approach to research nurtures new ideas and builds up skill levels. It provides a balanced, complementary, and fulfilling education for engineering students and postgraduates.


Arts et Metiers ParisTech and AMVALOR awarded Institut Carnot certification 

Arts et Métiers ParisTech has its own Contractual Research Structure, AMVALOR. This organization provides logistical support and manages research contracts signed with business partners.

Arts et Métiers ParisTech and AMVALOR have been awarded Institut Carnot status for their AMVALOR research structure ARTS Institut Carnot includes 14 laboratories.

Public and private contracts combined amount to about 12 million euros per year, two thirds of which are research contracts and one third technical support contracts.

This structure gives Arts et Métiers ParisTech a powerful, responsive tool able to provide support to a variety of industrial sectors working with cutting-edge technologies.


Focus on sustainable development

All work on processes and materials carried out in our laboratories take into account environmental issues such as recycling, conservation, and renewable energy.

In the research conducted at Arts et Métiers ParisTech, concern for the preservation of our planet for future generations takes the form of sustainable design, particularly "clean" production and recyclability, optimizing energy consumption, reducing pollution, controlling overall quality, and environmental risk.