Community Volunteer

Please join our team if you are willing to help drive new initiatives or contribute to existing ones.


Becoming a board member

Every three years board members are up for reelection in a process open to anyone who is a member of AFAM. Members are defined as having donated over the last year at AFAM.


Becoming a Zident or a City Representative

Today there are eight different gadz’arts regional groups across the United States: West Coast group, East Coast Group, Central Group, Atlanta Group, Boston Group, Chicago Group, Detroit Group, Southern California Group. We are always happy to add another city/state group to the list and meet new active members of gadz’arts community in the US willing to develop a regional expansion.


Supporting regional groups’ activities and projects as a volunteer

Alumni and students alike can help their regional representative/Zident develop projects and activities for a group: gatherings, hikes, trips, “happy hours”, conferences, webinars…. Please contact your Zident/City Representative if you have any ideas of events and projects that you can do together.


Supporting one of our programs as Mentor, Coach, Referrer, Expert or Ambassador

Learn more about our programs (Shasta, Sequoia, Yosemite) and become one of our Mentors, Coaches, Referrers, Experts, or simply Ambassadors.


Contribute to our blog, newsletter and our youtube channel content.

If you want to share your experience and participate in one of our blog interview series, please let us know! We also collect video testimonials from students and alumni who pursued internships or studies in the United States and got helped by our Shasta and Sequoia programs.