The three-year PhD program leads to the Arts et Métiers ParisTech Doctorate degree. It provides paid professional experience through research grants or industrial contracts. 



The thesis is undertaken within a recognized research team, and under the guidance of a Professor-Researcher or Researcher qualified to manage the research in question. 

PhD program admission is granted by a graduate school. A PhD student must complete some courses offered by the school while continuing his/her laboratory research. His/her research may be carried out in a laboratory, a university, or a company. 

At the end of the doctoral program, candidates must submit a project or dissertation, often consisting of a body of original academic research, which is in principle worthy of publication in a peer-refereed context. Candidates must also defend their work before a panel of expert examiners appointed by the university. The defense committee will stipulate whether or not the dissertation is passable.


Organization of studies

The PhD runs for three years after a Master's degree. It is the highest level of study; it corresponds to a Baccalaureate + 8 years of further study. The PhD is professional training through research and innovation.

  • Teaching addresses the methodological approaches to research and possible additional theoretical aspects, and prepares students for the requirements of their future careers. These aspects of the theses are managed by the Doctoral School to which the student is attached.

  • Studies and Research are carried out on a topic defined at the start of the thesis.


Admission criteria

Students pursuing the PhD degree must first complete a Master's degree program, which takes two years after graduation with a Bachelor's degree (five years in total). The candidate must find funding and a formal doctoral advisor (Directeur de thèse) with a habilitation throughout the doctoral program.

Other diplomas of equivalent status (French or foreign) may be accepted once the application has been assessed. In certain cases, a probationary year may be imposed.


Terms of matriculation

The terms of matriculation are available at the Arts et Métiers ParisTech doctorate site 


Thesis charter

When matriculating for a doctoral degree, the doctoral student, thesis supervisor, laboratory director, and doctoral school director all sign the thesis charter. This agreement specifies the rights and duties of the doctoral student, the thesis supervisor, and the director of the host laboratory.

By signing the charter, each person makes a commitment to respect the rules of the establishment and the doctoral school.



The financing of PhD studies comes mainly from funds for research of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. The most common procedure is a short-term employment contract called doctoral contract: the institution of higher education is the employer and the PhD candidate the employee. However, the student can apply for funds from a company who can host him/her at its premise (as in the case where PhD students do their research in a company). Many other resources come from some regional/city projects, some associations, etc...