AFAM Shasta Engagement

AFAM is at the heart

  • A student contacts AFAM 6 months before the beginning of his/her internship;
  • AFAM schedules a first Skype call to know more about the student (motivation, English, professional project, mindset);
  • AFAM gives first recommendations concerning resume and student’s future research;
  • AFAM introduces a student to his/her Mentor;
  • AFAM stays a backup mentor;
  • AFAM collects feedback from a Mentor and a Mentee.


  • Mentors communicate their desire to AFAM concerning students' follow-up (pace, students profil, AFAM involvement);
  • Mentors help students find internships;
  • Mentors give feedback concerning their mentee;
  • Mentors have no obligation to find an internship - but a Mentor and a student set goals together (more effective resume, more feedbacks from companies, more interviews etc.)
  • Mentors have access to the databases of the Shasta stakeholders - Experts and Referrers.


  • Experts give advice concerning industries and companies they know;
  • Experts can be contacted from time to time by a Mentor or
  • AFAM (no direct contact with a Student unless desired by an Expert);
  • Experts are not involved in Mentorship


  • Referrers contact their current companies to see if they hire foreign interns; they provide a link to current openings (the link allows them to track an employee who refers a candidate);
  • Referrers are not involved in Mentorship and are not in direct contact with a Student (unless desired by a Referrer)

Last but not least

  • Ambassadors are all Alumni and Students who actively support the Shasta program;
  • Ambassadors can talk about Art et Métiers at their company, share internship offers, help AFAM meet an HR representative, etc. There are so many ways to help!
Shasta program also offers "One Time Consultation" (1 hour consultations on a specific topic) from alumni for a student having any specific questions.
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