AFAM's Vision and Mission


We envision a vibrant community of US-based Gadz’Arts, a.k.a. Arts et Métiers alumni, which embodies the values of our school, i.e. solidarity, humanity, altruism, respect and ethics. Gadz’Arts based in the USA participate in and contribute to the community’s professional and social activities which aim at strengthening its bonds, promoting the Arts et Métiers brand, as well as supporting other members of the community and incoming Gadz’Arts, either working or studying.


American Friends of Arts et Métiers (AFAM) aims at strengthening the community of Gadz’Arts, both alumni and students, residing in or interested in coming to the USA. AFAM also enables assistance among members of the community and facilitates the development of the Arts et Métiers brand in the USA. Supported by motivated volunteers who are alumni themselves, AFAM acts as a catalyst, developing and deploying initiatives to serve these objectives, with the assistance of members of the community. 

In order to best reach its objectives, AFAM works closely with the Arts et Métiers school, its alumni association (Soce), and its foundation (Fondation Arts et Métiers). It also establishes partnerships with other US-based organizations when relevant.

Together, we help grow a vibrant, engaged and mutually supportive community of Arts et Métiers alumni, and build a stronger branding for our school in the USA.

Would you like to volunteer?

Please let us know if you would like to help. We are always looking for extra hands to increase our impact! The best way to contact us is via email to AFAM <[email protected]>.

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