In parallel, the Arts et Métiers community residing in the United States has never been properly surveyed. It exists, it is growing in numbers and influence, and it has grown accustomed to the cultural tradition that alumni have of supporting their Alma Mater. But it is spread across the continent. It must be unified, and reconnected to the school in a more structured manner.


On the heels of the launch of the fund raising campaign «Demain avec les Arts et Métiers», the AFAM (American Friends of Arts et Métiers) came into existence. The mission of this organization is to develop the brand image of Arts et Métiers ParisTech in the United States and to establish strategic partnerships with universities, corporations and foundations, working closely with the School, the Alumni and the Foundation of Arts et Métiers. The AFAM is now a legal entity in the US. It has an executive board, which I have the honor of presiding. Since our creation in December 2007, 45 alumni based in the US have already raised their hand and joined our ranks. This early reaction is particularly encouraging and motivates us to redouble our efforts.