On March 7th AFAM board meeting took place. Laurent Champaney, who recently renewed his mandate as President of Arts et Metiers school, participated in this meeting to share his vision of the future of the school.

His project for Arts et Metiers includes several goals:

1)    Develop Arts et Metiers identity (around “evolutive learning factories”)

2)    Develop environmental and social responsibility

  • environmental responsibility: Campus A&M 2030
  • Social responsibility: men-women, personal development
  • Engagements 2022: Grenoble engagement, auto evaluation label DDRS

3)    Train more ( formation continue, formation tout au long de la vie): 3000 alumni/year (+50%), more professors-researchers, more foreign students, more students from business schools, more partnerships, more research activities/exchanges)

4)    Better support (international development and entrepreneurship)

International project:

in Europe: German-French Institute for Industry of the future(KIT)

in Africa: campus Morocco

in Asia - Singapore, Malaysia

in the USA - partnership with Texas A&M and ESI


Besides, all board members could hear other reports (CFO, community manager, AFAM committees and regional groups, SOCE and Arts et Metiers Foundation) and discuss current and future activities of AFAM together.


While AFAM board meetings are not open to the public, you can always contact us to share your questions and suggestions



At the board meeting: (from left to right) Xavier Wartelle (Li 82), CEO of AFAM; Albina Patou-Chebykina, community manager; Audrey Stewart, Arts et Metiers International Director; Jean-Luc Nauleau (An 81), board member; Marc Amblard (Cl 84), AFAM CFO; Laurent Champaney, Arts et Metiers president; Yarith Phay (Bo 91), AFAM Secretary; Patrice Brossard (Bo 95), AFAM board member and DG Amériques; Louis Renaux (Cl 216), AFAM board member; Eric Benhamou (Ai 72), AFAM President Emeritus and AFAM board member; Valerie Prulhière (Li 87), VP International, SOCE and other board members during the meeting