Last year AFAM introduced mentorship as part of our Shasta program. In 2019 we had already 10 students who benefited from the mentorship program.

As a part of our Shasta Special Edition in August we decided to ask our students about their experience with mentors and choose our Mentor of the Year!

AFAM asked to evaluate mentors according to the following criteria:

- skills

- attitude

- availability

We have received 5 replies on our survey. And the Winner is... Corentin Lazarus (Me 209) who worked with one of our students, helping Mohamed find an internship. Corentin got 10 out of 10 on all the criteria.

AFAM asked Corentin to give a small comment about our Shasta program and that's what he said:

"Thank you to the AFAM for giving me the opportunity to be a mentor this year. It is a great program that has been personally very rewarding to me. Being in the same shoes as my mentee almost 10 years ago when I was looking for an internship in the US, it was great to be able to give back and advise Mohamed in his search using my experience of the professional world in the US. We worked together, defined his brand, prioritized his objectives and goals for this internship, revamped his resume and worked on strategy to find internship opportunities, leveraging several networks of professionals. This work paid off and helped Mohamed secure an internship in oil&gas abroad, which will help him with his ultimate objective of being admitted to the France Petroleum Institute (IFP). As a mentor, the experience was very rewarding and refreshing seeing so much dynamism and drive in a young student. I thank the role of AFAM for selecting students who have a strong motivation and a real professional plan; these students are those who can benefit the most from this mentorship program. AFAM also does a great job pairing them with appropriate mentors and supporting students through other means, such as grants, visa counseling, knowledge sharing and more. I would encourage other alumni to join the program."

Thank you, Corentin and other Mentors, for helping our students and supporting our Shasta program!

We hope more alumni could join the program becoming our Mentors, Experts or Referrers.

Your AFAM Team

Illustration: Tomasz Walenta (source: