Marc Amblard (Cl 84)

Marc Amblard (Cl 84)
 Automotive, autotech, future of mobility, electric vehicles, autonomous driving, connected vehicles, rail sector, strategy, go-to-market, business development
Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Marc Amblard is the founder and managing director of Orsay Consulting. An expert in the deep transformation of the mobility space, he provides advisory services focused on the future of mobility and automotive technologies, i.e. electrification, autonomous driving, connectivity and shared mobility and adjacent domains. Marc has been focusing on the technologies, business models and stakeholders that are driving the profound transformation of mobility for many years. This is a passion. Marc provides OEMs, automotive suppliers and other mobility-related companies various services including strategic advisory, market insight and domain-specific deep dives, scouting for technologies and startups or executive briefings. In addition, he advises several mobility startups and mentors at Plug & Play (largest accelerator in Silicon Valley). More information on services provided by Orsay Consulting is available here. Marc is deeply entrenched in the overall mobility ecosystem, particularly in Silicon Valley, i.e., startups, accelerators, tech giants, emerging OEMs, VCs/CVCs and corporate outposts, which provides him with an extensive understanding of and insight into how the ecosystem is evolving. He maintains a proprietary database which contains over 2,500 (and growing) mobility-related companies across a broad range of mobility and autotech domains and is essentially composed of startups and scale-ups located across the globe. Marc often speaks at mobility conferences and publishes a monthly newsletter on the mobility revolution (over 50 articles published to date) as well as a detailed landscape of the global autonomous driving ecosystem. Marc leverages 25+ years in senior positions at PSA, Valeo, Renault and Alstom (rail), in Europe and the USA. He received a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Arts et Métiers in Paris, France and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

Michel Vulpillat (Ch 83)
Michel Vulpillat (Ch 83)Expertise/Knowledge:
 Company Creation and Structuring/ US legal environment, constraints/ Company Operation/ High level Internal structuring/ Development of purpose/ Development of business models/ Process and procedures, operational coherence/ Competitive strategy/ Disruptive technology and model structuring/ Merger and Acquisition, legal and operational diligences and recommendations/ Company Operations/ Board and Executives functions and development/ Operation Department/ Product development/ Product testing/ Product distribution/ Methods and processes of communication/ Problem identification and solving / Legal Department/ Corporate / Intellectual Property/ Litigation/ Finance and Accounting
I was trained as a mechanical engineer, specialized in energy systems, in particular internal combustion engines. I started my career as a development engineer for automotive and motor sport, while also learning and applying skills in the then burgeoning computer and software industry. I helped start a French video game company, and later went to start a similar US and Japanese company that would become affiliated. This group of companies grew to a $1billion group, with more than 30 companies and 2000 employees. Some companies, of which I became also a director, were listed on NASDAQ and Euronext. As such, I worked in worldwide operations and problem solving, in merger and acquisition and strategic development. I also followed a path in consulting to help companies develop their worldwide presence, their international structure and their business processes. I developed a particular knowledge and application of structural principles for companies and products, how to organize and make a company operate efficiently and effectively, in particular using cognitive science and decision making processes analysis to structure management procedures and processes.
Philippe Laurent
Philippe LaurentCEO at
Philippe Laurent is co-founder and CEO at, a pioneer company on the live streaming market created in 2012. Graduated from Arts et Metiers and Georgia Institute of Technology, he has always been passionate about sports and video production. Drawing on his passions, he and his team were able to innovate and create one of the first all-in-one live streaming production studio fully cloud-based. Phil’ oversees the company’s business effort, strategy, and product vision. Today, works for a wide range of premium clients from Paris Saint-Germain to Disney.