Our NYC gadz group gathered together to watch a France-Hungary game past Saturday. 10 gadz met each other to enjoy the game, food and to support a French small business in the process. NYC-based gadz viewing party was hosted by O’Cabanon, a French bar on 29 & 6.

The gathering was organized by JB Commans. Thanks, JB!

The game ended in a draw but it did not affect the mood: being together in a bar, without masks - it is a big victory and a big joy! The community is back! Normal life is back! We are back and looking forward to the new events and gatherings!

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Photo courtesy of JB Commans

On June 16th AFAM organized a welcome meeting with parcours US and Georgia Tech Lorraine (GTL) students. There were more than 60 students present at this virtual event.

The program included:

1. Short introduction of all AFAM speakers ( we skipped students' introductions as there were so many participants!)

2. Presentation of AFAM and Shasta program given by Patrice Brossard (Bo 95), AFAM member of operations committe and DG Amériques (Houston, TX) and Albina Patou-Chebykina, AFAM community manager

3. Testimonials of gadz based in the US and France, sharing their US University experience:

Sacha Ghebali (Bo 211), AFAM, president du groupe East Coast, NYC, MIT alumnus

Nicolas Horde (Ai 214), AFAM, president of Atlanta groupe, Atlanta, GA, GT alumnus ( former parcours US student)

Mattia Pelissou (Li 216), AFAM, president of West Coast group, SF, CA, UC Berkeley alumnus ( former parcours US student)

Erwan Gader (Bo 217), current Columbia University student and intern in NYC

Thibaud Martin-Pico (Ai 216), Stanford alumnus ( former parcours US  student)

4. Q/A session

We would like to congratulate all our students! Welcome to the US and see you soon!

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Shasta program

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Pictures: Thibaud, Sacha, Mattia and Patrice during the meeting with the students

Shasta meeting with Arts et Metiers students took place on May 12th online.

These AFAM/Shasta meetings with students became a good tradition: another meeting was organized earlier in March. Students are coming to these meetings to ask questions about gadz'arts community in the US, parcours US, internships and more.

Jean Pommier, Nicolas Horde, Corentin Lazarus and Merwan Benhabib, members of the Shasta team, were available for students' questions.

Shasta program was launched in 2010 and since it has become an excellent support for your students in their internship search.

As of today, there are 12 students are currently a part of the Shasta program.

7 students who went through Shasta program found internships this year and are currently working ( or going to) as interns in different companies all over the US.

Do not hesitate to talk about Shasta program to Arts et Metiers students you might know or become a part of the program if you are currently an A&M student and want to work in the US.

More about the Shasta program: please visit our website



Nicolas Horde during the online meeting with students

On 20th of May SOCE Open House took place. It happened on Laval Virtual World platform. All the participants had to create an account and an avatar to participate in this fun virtual event.

AFAM participated in the Open House making a presentation in the virtual Aix-en-Provence's amphitheater and talking to students and alumni in the International Room ( La Rochefoucauld virtual hall).

Among AFAM participants were Patrice Brossard (Bo 195) based in Houston, TX, Xavier Wartelle (Li 82), Marc Amblard (Cl 84), Yarith Phay (Bo 191), all based in SF bay area.

It was a great moment of networking and fun.

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Hear what our alumni are saying about the event:

"Excellent event! Laval Virtual World platform is very well structured and playful at the same time"

- Patrice Brossard (Bo 191)

"It's a great opportunity to develop a professional network and maintain contacts with gadz community. I will be back if this event is organized again!"

- Marc Amblard ( Cl 84), AFAM CFO

"I had a great time in this virtual space moving from one room to another and meeting different people. Thank you to la SOCE team for organizing. Looking forward to the next La SOCE Open House event!"

- Xavier Wartelle ( Li 82), AFAM CEO


SOCE Virtual Event.png


On May 14th another "Gadz story" took place. After the success of "Gadz story #1" with Dr. Ryan Alimo and Sacha Ghebali (Bo 211) AFAM event team led by Sacha Ghebali and Kevin Kok-Heang organized a second event around aerospace with Hugo Wagner (Bo 211) as a speaker. Nicolas Bagdassarian, currently studying in the US, helped organize this event.

About the speaker:

Based in San Francisco, Hugo leads strategic technology partnerships efforts for Airbus in North America, with a strong focus on sustainable aviation and commercial space. His mission is to find and explore early collaboration opportunities with providers of potentially disruptive technologies and to manage Research & Technology programs in coordination with strategic partners such as universities, federal research centers, startups, and multi-national companies.    

Prior to Airbus, Hugo led the telecommunications company Orange into the heart of the Silicon Valley aerospace ecosystem to conduct assessments of early technology concepts, generate partnerships and develop strategic pilot projects with a focus on high-performance satellite networks. Hugo advised Orange Digital Ventures and Orange M&A on deals in the space-satellite connectivity sector and adjacent domains.

Before joining Orange, Hugo led technical due diligence efforts on various highly innovative topics for renowned visionary entrepreneur Peter H. Diamandis and consulted for Planetary Resources, a small satellite startup, on hyperspectral imaging technology applied to precision agriculture. Aside from being an Arts & Métiers alum, Hugo holds graduate degrees from the University of California, Berkeley (M.S., Mechanical Engineering) - where he worked on combustion and robotics projects for NASA - and the International Space University - where he worked on the theory and use cases of open innovation in space. He served as volunteer STEAM Director of the San Francisco section of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, is an active member of the TED community, and member of the Explorers Club of New York City.

35 alumni and students attended the event.

Next session of "Gadz stories" series is scheduled for July 9th.




Sacha Ghebali, Hugo Wagner and other participants during the conference and networking in one of the breakout rooms