In October AFAM participated in an A&M Entrepreneurship Ecosystem coordination October meeting. It was for the first time that AFAM joined this meeting to share its vision on how AFAM can become a part of A&M entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The meeting was organized by Jean-Guy Quéromès ( An 172) and took place both off-line in Iéna and online.

15 people including Jean-Guy Quéromès ( An 172), Bertrand Coulon (Cl 195), Amvalor Director, Patrice Dubois (Am 195), in charge of CREDA program, Joël Saingré, Arts et Metiers Acceleration (AMA) General Manager, Patrick Cantelli (Cl 185), Artset Metiers Business Angels, Sandra Cologne, in charge of Innovation at Arts et Metiers school, Charles Lannegrace (Ch 219), Paris AMJE President and others participated in this fall meeting.

During the meeting AFAM community manager Albina Patou-Chebykina shared a new project - Yosemite Mentorship Program for gadz'arts entrepreneurs - ready to be launched this fall by the association.

We hope that this coordination meeting will be one of many meetings hold by la SOCE, the school and other A&M entrepreneurship structures. We are looking forward to finding a the new place for AFAM in the complexe A&M entrepreneurship setting.


Arts et Métiers Business Angels’ (AMBA) conference took place on September 27th, 2021.

The conference was led by Gérard Levêque (Bo 170), AMBA president, and was held at La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt conference room.

Founders of startups Enogia, Xenothera and KaZoArt participated in this conference. Arthur Laroux (Enogia) is Li 204 gadz'arts. Odile Duvaux and Mathilde Le Roy are both granddaughters of the gadz'arts. Arthur, Mathilde and Odile shared their experience of working with AMBA.

During the conference a round table of "Investment strategies" was held.

Besides, so-called "Ad hoc vehicle" project was presented by AMBA.

The audience could hear Eric Benhamou's (Ai 72) testimonial directly from Silicon Valley (starting at 1:30 in the video below). In his short 15 minutes presentation Eric highlighted some events of his 40 years of Silicon Valley experience including 16 years in venture capital. Today Eric is the CEO of Benhamou Global Ventures. He founded Bridge Communications and is the former CEO of 3Com and Palm.

Eric Benhamou is the co-founder and the first CEO of AFAM and the AFAM President Emeritus today.

You can watch the full video of the conference here

Screen Shot 2021-10-04 at 3.05.24 PM.png

Photo: Eric Benhamou during the conference (screenshot)

The new academic year has started. Students are ready to study, learn and discover. As every year, this year there are several parcours US students who are currently getting ready to study in the USA to get a master degree. They appreciate online ( or in-person) meetings with our alumni based in the US.

Nicolas Horde (Ai 214) met them online on September 27th to reply to their questions.

Next session is planned with Corentin Lazarus (Me 209) and Albina Patou-Chebykina, AFAM community manager, and will take place on October 12.

We wish to all parcours US students to be accepted at American Universities of their choice. The community will be happy to see them next year in the US!


On the picture: Parcours US students during the online session with Nicolas

On a sunny September 26th, SF bay area-based gadzarts gathered to meet each other and say "goodbye" to the summer season. The event was organized in Saratoga by Yarith Phay (Bo191). Thank you, Yarith, for suggesting this beautiful place and for organizing the event!

Pool and tennis court were open to all the participants. Some came with their significant others and kids. There were a lot of students from UC Berkeley who also came to enjoy last summer days together with A&M alumni.

We hope to be able to organize such events more often.

Next big event: Galette des Rois Celebration in January. Stay tuned!

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Photo: Gadz with families at the event


Photo: UC Berkeley students at the event

Xavier Wartelle ( Li 82), CEO at AFAM, CEO at Avatar Medical and founding partner at bang bing factory, participated in a school conference organized by Sandra Cologne, in charge of Parcours Entrepreneuriat et Innovation Technologique (PEIT) at Arts et Metiers school. The conference took place on September, 22th.

Xavier came in the US to work for Thales at the beginning of his career. He has been living and working in Silicon Valley for 26 years now. He is a founder of 7 startups, 4 of which were sold. Xavier organized and led more than 1000 coaching sessions with entrepreneurs all over the world.

Xavier told PEIT students about  the Shasta program and mentioned that AFAM team is about to launch a new Yosemite mentorship program for gadz'arts entrepreneurs ( more information to follow)

Then he gave a presentation about startups, corporate differences in French and American cultures, main elements of a successful startup venture and Brixlogic business case.

Xavier Wartelle: "Successful startup model is first of all a successful team model. As an entrepreneur you need to be humble and learn everyday. "


Another speaker of the conference was Julien Artur de la Villarmois ( Cl 218). Julien is a Georgia Tech and Arts et Metiers student pursuing a dual degree in Atlanta. Julien is a young researcher and entrepreneur. During the conference he shared his rich and diverse 2-years experience of working at AutonomHy on a prototype of a small hydrogen station.

We hope that AFAM will continue to take part in PEIT events and may be some of PEIT students will become Yosemite mentees in the future ( stay tuned for more detais coming soon on a new AFAM's mentorship program).

Xavier and Sandra.png

Xavier Wartelle (AFAM) and Sandra Cologne (PEIT) during the online conference

Julien Arthur de la Villarmois.png

Julien Artur de la Villarmois during the online conference