Did you get an internship? If yes, congratulations ! To help you preparing your stay, find below some previous Shasta interns' feedback and advices about living in the US.

Living in the U.S.

U.S. Culture

The United States is a “melting pot”; it has been attracting people from all over the world since its independence from British rule in 1783. "We the people" are from Asia, Europe, South America, from every corner of the world. Each group has its own background, customs and values, which combine to form the American Culture. It is a culture that is continually being reshaped and redefined as more people from other countries immigrate to the U.S.

One of the best opportunities you will have over the course of your time in the United States is to learn, firsthand, what American culture is like. That’s what cultural exchange is all about. You will discover new things about Americans every day, and as a result you may decide to change some of your behaviors in order to adapt. Remember that adaptation is part of experiencing a new culture. It is not always easy, but you are temporarily in the United States for a new learning experience! The key to a successful program is to stay positive and explore all the opportunities given to you.

Living in another culture opens your mind to other ways of life. This trip to the U.S. can be one of your best learning experiences ever!


You must speak English during your program. You may be uncomfortable with your skills, and even feel embarrassed, but you will quickly notice that people will correct your mistakes in a positive way. Your English abilities will improve through your mistakes. Everyone will admire your willingness and desire to improve.

The worst mistake you can make is to keep silent. Your employer will think you are incapable of performing your job. You must be able to communicate. Practice and repetition are the only ways you will improve your English skills.

Additionally, if you only speak in your native tongue, you will isolate yourself from everyone else who cannot speak your language. Because English is spoken by everyone, it will enable you to make friends with people from many cultures. These friendships are one of the most rewarding elements of the program.

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