How to make a good application?

Professional project development

  • Develop your Career Marketing Plan
  • Develop your Professional Project Pitch in English
  • Do targeted internship and company research consistent with your Professional Project (job boards, networking events, business news, industry blogs, personal networks and contacts, LinkedIn jobs, etc)

Personal network development

  • Develop a LinkedIn profile (must) and a Facebook profile
  • Connect to the AFAM Group on Facebook
  • Connect to the AFAM Group on Linkedin.
  • Attend networking events, speaker series, trade shows and conferences for your targeted industry as often as possible

Do targeted contact research and introduction:

  • Know people whom your are contacting
  • Know their companies and businesses
  • Contact people who can help you reach your Professional Project goals
  • Do not contact everyone you can possibly find in the alumni directory


Develop your resume for the American market.

Cover Letter

Prepare targeted cover letters following the recommendations from Claude Leglise’s articles (see next pages).

  • Establish why you are targeting this company
  • Explain what you know and what you can do
  • Be specific about what you want
  • Describe why the company would want you as an intern
  • Set a time for follow-up

Review and advising questions

  • Get feedback on you Marketing Career Plan
  • Review your opportunity, company, contacts research results
  • Pratice your Pitch
  • Get feedback on you targeted Resume
  • Get feedback on your targeted Cover Letters

Contact resources available near you:

  • Arts et Metiers English professors
  • Members of the Societe des Anciens Eleves who have relevant experience in the US
  • Members of the R-Inter at the Union des Eleves
  • Your personal contacts with relevant experience


Research and gather information about Visa requirements and InterExchange ( Become familiar with the administrative aspects of your project.

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