Our interns can contribute tremendous value to American companies

Access to Top Resources

The school provides a high education level in many engineering fields. Arts et Métiers ParisTech engineers are best known for design, product creation, and production systems. Their generalist background provides them with a broad range of high technical competencies. Their technological and human relations training makes them highly regarded executives, known for their management skills of major industrial projects and their concerns for all current and future stakeholders. They engage across all industrial sectors, ranging from mechanical and electrical engineering, materials engineering, aeronautics and astronautics, information technology, transportation, civil engineering, telecommunications, and services including design, research and development, consulting and audit.

A highly motivated and trained student can bring fresh eyes, methodology, and expertise to accelerate a project. Arts et Métiers students will keep your organization informed of new developments, concepts, and methods in your field.

Our program can provide Ph.D. candidates with expertise in areas where your organization may require advanced specialized skills.


Shasta and the school make a candidate pre-selection to match company needs. Only the most qualified individuals will be introduced. Each candidate is screened for maturity, motivation, and English fluency. Before accepting a candidate into our program, we conduct a thorough interview. As part of the process, the Shasta committee meets on regular basis to make collegial decision.


International students bring a variety of cross-cultural benefits to your company - including proficiency in foreign languages. With different backgrounds, education, and insights beyond those of your US employees, they also contribute an enhanced global perspective to your work place. Motivated to gain career experience, international interns are also exceptionally eager to learn from your US employees.

Affordability and Simplicity

Companies could enjoy all of these benefits with very moderate cost and reduced administrative burden since Shasta simplifies all administrative procedure. Employers pay no program, visa, or placement fees to participate in our program. Shasta is a virtually free service to employers. Most employers compensate their interns or trainees, but you decide what to pay participants. There are also significant tax savings for your company: interns and trainees on a J-1 Visa are considered non-resident aliens and you are not required to withhold Social Security, Medicare or federal unemployment taxes.

Recruiting Top Talent

An internship could be a first step towards recruiting top talent for the company.  Organizations have access to prospective employees, and are given the opportunity to view the intern in action on the job for future potential without any commitment to hire. The Shasta program could be a cost effective recruiting tool for top talents.

Partner with Arts et Métiers ParisTech

Shasta is an opportunity to establish relations with Arts et Métiers ParisTech, a leading engineering school that could be the trigger for development research projects or other joint projects.

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