MAPIE: "Modélisation Analyse et Prévention des Impacts Environnementaux", Chambéry

Environmental design and product dismantling processes. Assessment of the environmental impacts of products at every stage of their life cycleIntegration of environmental criteria in all design phases (eco-efficiency)Dismantling processes.
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LCPI: "Laboratoire Conception de Produits et Innovation", Paris

Optimization of the design and innovation process based on three main focuses: Project formalism, modeling and professional integration, intermediate product representation modes.

These fields include ergonomics, quality control, maintenance, eco-design, rapid prototyping and the environment.
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LAMPA: "Laboratoire Arts et Métiers ParisTech d'Angers", Angers

Processes, Materials and Sustainability (Angers site)

Hydrodynamics and Instrumentation (Angers site)
Designing and integrating virtual reality systems (Laval site)
Optimizing the design and innovation processes (Laval site)
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CFC: "Laboratoire de Conception Fabrication Commande", Metz

Detailed knowledge of part-process-resource interactions in machining and grinding
Integrated design and manufacture of high-performance products
Industrialization of innovative production processes and resources
Structuring and formalization of knowledge for product-process integration
Modeling and control of complex electromechanical systems
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