TREFLE: "Transferts -Ecoulements Fluides Energétiques", Bordeaux

Study of mass and heat transfers in heterogeneous environments.
The research revolves around 7 themes: Fluids and particles, digital energy, porous environments, drying, thermokinetics, energy and the environment, energy systems and their design.

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LML: "Laboratoire de Mécanique de Lille", Lille

Fluid Mechanics applied to internal flows in pumps and fans: Cavitation, rotor/stator interactions, transitional systems in hydraulic machines and hydroacoustics.
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DynFluid: "Dynamique des Fluides", Paris

DynFluid consists of the SINUMEF and LEMFI laboratories.
Aerodynamics, Turbomachinery, Aeroacoustics, Instabilities
Modeling, calculation. Developing high-precision numerical methods
Analysis, design and optimization of turbomachinery
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LAMPA: "Laboratoire Arts et Métiers ParisTech d'Angers", Angers

Processes, Materials and Sustainability (Angers site)

Hydrodynamics and Instrumentation (Angers site)
Designing and integrating virtual reality systems (Laval site)
Optimizing the design and innovation processes (Laval site)
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