Georgia Institute of Technology and Arts et Métiers ParisTech Joint Degree

  • Extended immersion in a different education system and different working methods.
  • The engineering student graduates from Arts et Métiers ParisTech and also gets the Master degree of the Georgia Institute of Technology.
The admission to the program is a two-step process:
  • Pre-selection by Arts et Metiers at the end of the first year, by ranking and personal project
  • Decision of admission by the Georgia Institute of Technology:
    • GPA
    • 3 letters of recommendation
    • High scores on both TOEFL or TOEIC and GRE.
The Georgia Institute of Technology and Arts & Metiers Paris Tech have established a strong partnership in both academia and research. Students will graduate, from a world renowned engineering university ranked 5th by the Shanghai ranking and 4th among US universities by US News and World Report. Participation in this program offers key benefits:
  • A program of excellence, highly respected by international companies
  • Largest US engineering program
  • Affordable program
  • International experience
Arts et Métiers ParisTech
  • Elite Engineering university (Grande Ecole)
  • 5,700 students
  • 8 teaching and research centers
  • 3 institutes (Chambéry, Chalon-sur-Saône, Bastia)
  • Close at hand with regional and national industry.
Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Located in Atlanta (GTA) with campuses in Europe (GT Lorraine), in Asia (GT Shan¬ghai) and activities in Ireland, Singapore, Costa Rica
  • Campus with 21,000 students
  • High integration of academia, research and economic development
  • In 15 years, more than 350 Arts et Metiers students graduated with the Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering via the GT Lorraine campus.

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