AFAM Newsletter Dedication

We would like to dedicate this inaugural AFAM newsletter issue to Mr. Louis Magne, our most senior and most generous member residing in the USA, selected by his peers to be the class of Angers 30 Honorable President. Since AFAM's creation in 2007, he has been our largest benefactor. His financial commitment to AFAM has enabled us to establish ourselves as the combined representative of the school, the SOCE and the Fondation in the USA, and to offer grants to dozens of young Gadz'Arts who aspire to come to the US for work, research or study. In many ways, he serves as a role model and an inspiration to newer generations of Gadz’Arts.  

Louis Magne began his 42 year long career with Schlumberger in Romania in 1935. Soon after he went to work as a field engineer in Venezuela, then in Trinidad, as the assistant district manager. During a medical leave, Louis Magne enrolled at the University of Arizona, and studied geology, mineralogy, and mathematics. He became a member of the National Mathematics Honorary Society. In 1944 Louis Magne returned to work for Schlumberger and moved to San Antonio, Texas to become Division manager. Louis Magne’s division during that time was the highest performing in the USA for Schlumberger. At the end of 1957, he became Regional Manager for the Gulf Coast; promotions came quickly from that moment onward, V. P Operations,  than Executive V.P. Eastern Hemisphere ( Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania ) then V.P. of South America. Seeing the opportunity to improve operations in Venezuela for Shlumberger Surenco, Louis Magne returned to Venezuela as CEO of Surenco in 1967. From 1972 until his retirement in 1977, Mr. Magne served as CEO of Schlumberger North, Central, and South America.

During his professional career, Louis Magne was also President of l’Alliance Française de Houston for three years and remained deeply attached to and proud of being a Gadz'Arts. In 2002 the Prix Magne was established to aid ENSAM students to attend prestigious American universities, and the historical "Grand Amphi" was renamed after him.

Louis Magne has remained a modest man despite his life accomplishments and generosity, and only reluctantly agreed to let us publicize his story. He tells us, “This is an outline of my carrier, only part of a very active, enjoyable and lucky life in other activities and services to others, greatly helped by a great marriage of 72 years.”  Younger generations of AFAM members must become aware of his exemplary legacy, and of the rich life possibilities that lay ahead for them. An inspiration to us all, professionally and philanthropically- thank you Louis Magne!

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