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Mission in Texas

    Beginning of June, Audrey Stewart, International Relations Director of ENSAM, and I spent a week in Texas to create and nurture partnerships with local universities and companies installed locally.

Baker_Hughes1    We visited 6 “local” though global companies. Our goal was to present our school, its values, and its academic specificities in order to get some internship positions fitted for our students and some sponsored master or PhD projects in American universities. We had the great pleasure to meet wonderful people in Schlumberger, Chevron, Technip, GDF-SUEZ, CGG and Baker Hughes. Thanks to either the presence of alumni in the management or well appreciated past experiences with interns, and with the help of Christian Turquat, Scientific Attaché at the French Consulat, a good amount of these companies will keep us in mind when it’s about quality interns.

Texas_AM    Our objective in Texas was also to finalize the terms of a student exchange with Texas A&M (A&M standing for Agricultural and Mechanical not for Arts et Métiers). Texas A&M regroups a total of 50,000 students (Dwight Look College of Engineering – 12,000 students).  We worked on a base plan of up to 6 Arts et Métiers students per year, in MS (Master of Science) or PhDs, in some of their departments, Industrial Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering. The official partnerships still has to be signed, but as a first great news one of our student is integrating this fall Texas A&M for a financed PhD in Industrial Engineering.
     We also met with the heads of International Graduate Programs at Rice University, another college in Houston (6500+ students on the campus, 2250 attending Brown School of Engineering). Our students will also soon have the opportunity to study in one of their departments.

Let's work together to make those partnerships successful !

Aurore Prevot, US Representative 


Gadz'Arts welcome in Houston

Repas_1    Last June, Audrey Stewart, European and International Relations Director and I went in Texas to promote the school in US companies and universities. After one of our very long, yet productive days with future partners (read more), we had the pleasure to chill out with the local Gadz’Arts community.

    We had the pleasure to enjoy the patio at The Tasting Room, downtown Houston and shared delicious wine and food. We spent a wonderful evening catching up with them about the changes at the school and the purpose of AFAM. We shared our American experiences and also our formal lives as students at the school.


Thank you all, Gadz’Arts from Houston for the warm welcome you organized for us during our visit in Texas ! 

Aurore Prevot (Li 98), US Representative.


New Arts et Métiers Students in US Graduate Program


     On behalf of the School, I’m really happy to announce that 11 students have been accepted in a master’s program in the US, starting this fall 2014. 

  They’re going to integrate very prestigious campuses and proudly represent our School, our culture, and our local alumni. They will attend UC Berkeley, GeorgiaTech Atlanta, Columbia University, New York University, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and University of Florida. Their masters are really in a very large range of specialties, representing the wide spectrum of the current curriculum at Arts et Métiers ParisTech: Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Supply Chain Engineering and Management Science and Engineering.

  I’d like to congratulate especially one of the 11. He’s been offered to integrate Texas A&M in PhD in Industrial Engineering. He’ll have the opportunity to graduate his master’s degree during is PhD curriculum. Being in the top 3 candidates, he’s been granted a fellowship. The Texas A&M and Arts et Métiers ParisTech faculties are collaborating for more than 20 years now.

Bravo to all of them.

We wish them a great endeavor in the US!

Aurore Prevot, US representative 


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