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New York Gadz'Arts Diner



    On Thursday, October 9, 2014 from 7 to 9pm the gadzart community of NY met at Johnny Utah's Spacious Southwestern/BBQ joint with an urban cowboy look & mechanical bull riding. At the heart of midtown (51st street). “Riding the mechanical bull is different from most other activities in New York !”

   We look forward to the next events.
   A bientôt 

Mission in France


   In June 2014, I had the opportunity to travel to France to meet key people at the School and the Société des Anciens (la Soce).

Lille   I started by meeting the Heads of research of the 4 laboratories in the campus of Paris: Procédés et Ingénierie en Mécanique et Matériaux (PIMM), Dynamique des Fluides (DynFluid), Biomécanique (LBM), Conception de Produits et Innovation (LCPI), and the 3 laboratories in the campus of Lille: Electrotechnique et Electronique de puissance (L2EP), Ingénierie Numérique de Systèmes Mécaniques (LSIS-INSM), Mécanique (LML). Those conferences gave me the opportunity to become more familiar with their fields of researches, and be in a better position to facilitate further collaboration with local US partners (companiesand universities).

   I also had the chance to meet, in Metz, our long time partner, GeorgiaTech. The School is proud of the double degree ENSAM/GTA, the only one currently with an American university. After this focus on the faculty, I met the management team of the School and all directors, especially the ones I’m working with.

   While in France, I had the occasion to spend time with our Association at Iéna. I met the President, Jacques Paccard, and several VPs and discussed with them how, through my position, I could help to develop the image of Arts et Métiers in the US. Discussing with them, I emphasized how the relationship between School and Alumni is important, especially here in the US.
   I had the occasion to discuss with many great people, and realized that our school has changed a lot since I left in 2001. In particular the curriculum is now completely different than what it was, with a great focus on international and professional experience.

Aurore Prevot (Li98), Arts et Métiers US Representative

Gadz'Art Welcome in Berkeley

GadzB2   The Gadzarts at the University of California, Berkeley – current students and alumni - gathered on Labor Day to welcome the newbies and catch up with the oldies as a new semester begins. This year, three Gadz joined the ranks of UC Berkeley: Meyssane, William and Zied. In total, 11 people, whose years ran from 200 to 212, attended this barbecue under the California sun. It was a great opportunity to tip the new students about the university, to share experiences, and of course to have fun! We also celebrated the creation of the Gadz-Berkeley Association - more fancy names have been proposed, such as The Great Gadz-B or Tabagn’s of Berkel’s, but any other suggestions are welcome! More to come about the association soon…

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