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Arts et Métiers Students in US Universities

As you may know Arts et Métiers ParisTech allows some of their students to study in graduate programs in US universities by equivalence of their last year of study of their “Diplome d’ingenieur”.
As every year, second-year Arts et Métiers students applied to different programs in Aerospace Engineering, Biomechanics Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Materials Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering in more than 17 US universities. We are proud to announce that 27 students were admitted for the fall semester in graduate programs:
  • 1 at MIT
  • 9 at UC Berkeley
  • 8 at Georgia Tech
  • 2 at University of Michigan
  • 2 at University of Florida
  • 1 at Texas A&M
  • 1 at Rice University
  • 1 at UCLA in Master/PhD track
  • 1 at Purdue
  • 1 at Columbia
We congratulate them and wish them all the best for the next year!

Paris' Attacks

Tour Eiffel

November 13th just became a date to remember in tragedy as January 7th  earlier this year.

Last Friday France was attacked. In the words of Arts et Métiers ParisTech’s director Laurent Carraro, our Nation, our Democracy, our Society, our Values, our Freedom have been affected. It was a tense and horrific night for French people all over the world, spent in the anxiety and fear of learning of a close relative or friend lost during the random shootings.

Our Arts et Métiers community has been affected too. We just learned that Isabelle (Li182) and Jean-Yves Moulin (Li181) lost their beloved daughter Justine. She was killed in the attack that struck a Cambodian restaurant.  American Friends of Arts et Métiers is directly touched by this event as Isabelle and Jean-Yves are classmates of Xavier Wartelle, AFAM co-founder and board member.

We are deeply saddened, horrified, affected by the devastating attacks. Our thoughts and sympathy go to the victims and their family.

The more you attempt to strike us, the more strongly we feel united.

“Fraternité est la notre devise”




Forum France-Atlanta

France in Atlanta: Partnership Brings Scientific Collaboration to Forefront at Future of Manufacturing Symposium

ATLANTA: Thought leaders, researchers, and industry experts in the rapidly changing field of manufacturing will gather for a high-level workshop at Georgia Tech on October 28-29, 2015, as part of the 6th Annual France-Atlanta.

Building upon the strong ties between Georgia Tech and Arts et Métiers ParisTech (AMPT), one of the leading French engineering schools, this two-day workshop will enable experts to share their experiences in advanced manufacturing research, development, innovation, commercialization and education. Participants will identify key questions and a path forward in key challenge areas of manufacturing.

The event will include public keynote addresses from Bill Flite, senior manager, Advanced Manufacturing, Lockheed Martin, Corporate Engineering, Technology & Operations; and Sylvain Allano, chief scientist, PSA Peugeot-Citroën. Moderators from Georgia Tech and AMPT will facilitate discussions with participants including representatives from companies and organizations such as CEA Tech, Safran, Airbus, Fives, CETIM, and a large delegation from AMPT. Within these private focused discussion groups, it is expected that participants will create new opportunities for joint collaborations both in the US and Europe.

“With the rapid changes in technology, sensors, robotics, computer science, and the internet of things, the field of manufacturing is undergoing a fundamental transformation. It’s a good time to gather thought leaders to collaborate on the future of manufacturing,” said Yves Berthelot, Georgia Tech's vice provost for international initiatives and president of Georgia Tech-Lorraine.

“Collaboration of experts from various scientific fields—from material sciences to organization management, going through digital technologies and environmental questions— is essential to the development of advanced manufacturing. Gathering academic and industrial leaders in different domains at an international level is a vibrant opportunity to establish new partnerships and reinvigorate both the U.S. and French manufacturing,” said Ivan Iordanoff, Dean for Research at Arts et Métiers ParisTech.

“Transforming the manufacturing ecosystem will only happen with the strategic collaboration of experts in the field,” said Ben Wang, executive director of the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute. “This workshop is an example of how we are addressing challenges in manufacturing such as the use of advanced composites, workforce development, new materials and the Internet of Things.”

« This symposium is an example of how France-Atlanta series can help to create new opportunities for joint collaborations both in education, research and innovation between the US and Europe,” said Anne Corval, Scientific Attaché at the French Consulate in Atlanta.

This event is organized within the framework of France-Atlanta 2015 by Georgia Tech-Lorraine, the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute, and Arts et Métiers ParisTech, with the support of the Scientific Office of the Consulate General of France in Atlanta.

For more information visit

When: October 28-29, 2015 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Opening remarks and keynote addresses (October 28, 8:30am – 10:30am) are free and open to the public. The morning keynote addresses are being webcast and may be viewed by registering at:

Where: Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute - Callaway Manufacturing Research Center Building (813 Ferst Dr, Atlanta, GA 30332)

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